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Are you considering buying or selling a property? Do you think you can do the whole process without help from an expert? If so, you probably know that these actions are very demanding on you in terms of time, stress and bureaucracy!

Now think with us, as this is a big change in your life, shouldn't you be enjoying it instead of feeling that it is making you lose sleep? Well… leave this job to a real estate agent!


What is a real estate agent?

The real estate agent is a real estate expert and is knowledgeable in all legal and bureaucratic processes related to buying and selling a property.

Essentially, the agent:

  • Knows the properties in your area;
  • Knows the prices at which these properties are sold and how long it takes;
  • Know which are the best deals, within the characteristics that you value the most; and
  • Has a vast network of contacts, allowing you to find buyers / sellers that are right for you.

The consultant is also aware of the administrative, legal and financial procedures that are required in the process of buying and selling a property. This makes him an advisor, an agile person and a facilitator in the treatment of licenses, energy certificates, contracts, deeds, among others.

It should also be noted that the proprieties are not held by the real estate agent! The real estate agent only speeds up the process between the seller and the buyer, from the recognition of the need to the eventual purchase/sale.


What are the advantages for those who buy a property?

Purchasing a property entails numerous and exhausting steps, which makes it so that most people aren’t even sure where to start.

Several questions will cross your mind:

  • What characteristics am I looking for in a property?
  • Is the location that I am choosing the best option?
  • What’s the maximum price I am willing to pay?
  • How much indoor and outdoor space do I need?
  • What documents will I need?
  • Among others…

Having a real estate agent by your side will help you direct your attention to what matters. That is:


1) Find the ideal property
According to the characteristics you want (location, condition, typology, indoor and outdoor areas, if it has a garage, swimming pool, barbecue, etc.), the real estate consultant searches only for the properties that are according to your preferences, contacts the owners directly and negotiates the values according to their budget.
This saves you time from contacting homeowners and visiting homes that do not meet your preferences.


2) Handling Legal and Bureaucratic Documentation
In the legal and bureaucratic part of the process, namely the promissory purchase and sale agreements and the deed, the agent can advise you and thus save you time.


3) Get funding
If you need to resort to home loans, the agent could be your greatest ally. Your contact network includes financial institutions that you trust and can refer you to.


What are the advantages for those who want to sell a property?

On the other hand, if you are considering putting your property up for sale, but have no market knowledge, don’t know how to promote it or have a good contact network, a real estate agency might be the solution.

With the knowledge and experience, coupled with the tools at his/her disposal, the real estate consultant will present you with a property promotion strategy that will allow you to sell the property on time and at the best price.

With its contact network, it can make the process more efficient and safer, as it only shows the property to parties that are really interested, so as to optimize the sale.



Still think it’s not necessary to resort to the services of a real estate agency? Check out our real estate offer here and, if you have any questions or suggestions, send us a message! If you have a property to sell… we can help!


* This article is not intended as advice and is intended for information purposes only. For more information contact us!



* This article is not intended as advice and is intended for information purposes only. For more information contact us!

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