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As we all know, we are living in a pandemic time, caused by the new Coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation extends indefinitely and, all over the world, its social and economic impacts are already being felt.

The DGS (General Directorate of Health) and the WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines ask for social distance and isolation, so that we can break the virus' transmission chain and ensure the well-being of the population. These measures are necessary and must be followed by everyone!

That said, it is obvious that the effects of this pandemic impact the business sector, with many companies forcibly reducing their workload. This is a challenging time for everyone, without exception, and we will have to make efforts to adapt to this new reality. We (Localstar Investiments Group), considering this reality, have already outlined our contingency plan.

"But how exactly do we continue to work?" - you can question yourself! Let's see then

Remote work from home

It is true that we live in difficult times, but it is also true that we have never had so many tools at our disposal! The technology that we currently have makes it possible for us to keep some jobs, whose area of expertise allows them to be carried out from home.

For example, all services of Localstar Media, and 91FM Rádio, are being carried out from home, as well as the administrative services of the other companies of the Localstar Investments group (Localstar Constructions and Localstar Real Estate).

If your business allows, this can be a reality to explore, so that you can remain active, protecting your business, investments and income. The ideal is, as a company, to explore the options that we have technologically available and make the most of them.

We live in a digital age

Also related to the above, your company can continue to handle customer contacts, meetings, orders from suppliers, etc ...

Use digital media, there are several platforms available (WhatsApp, Skype, Whereby, Messenger, Email, Slack, among many others ...)! Avoid unnecessary and potentially risky physical contacts, simply with the use of these or other digital tools.

We will continue with our investments!

The Localstar group keeps its investments! Obviously, within the indicated safety standards, but ensuring that, when it is safe to return to normal activity, we can be here to offer you the best we have.


Bordallo Buildings

Bordallo Buildings, located in Cidade Nova, and currently under construction, are one of the investments that we keep going, carefully, considering the reality we are living.

We believe it is a project that will provide many families in the area, a wide range of apartment options, with different typologies, areas, amenities and prices.

The project consists in three blocks, with 20 apartments of typologies ranging from T2 to T4 duplex, with very generous areas, some of which can be considered authentic “town houses”. For example, with one of the T4 apartments with a terrace of 200 square meters, you will have space to enjoy the best moments with friends and family.

Its location is quite privileged, as they are in Cidade Nova, but with the tranquility of the countryside, which is an asset for families today.

Silver Coast Villas

Some of our Silver Coast projects continue also in development. We have a set of projects, inserted in the beautiful green landscapes of the region, overlooking the sea, completely isolated or in subdivision, with swimming pool, garage and other amenities, which please even the most demanding customers.

As stated earlier, we will continue with our investments, for you and to you! Our staff is entirely available to answer your questions, or to meet your needs. Any additional questions, don't hesitate to send us a message!

* This article is not intended as advice and is intended for information purposes only. For more information contact us!

* This article is not intended as advice and is intended for information purposes only. For more information contact us!


* This article is not intended as advice and is intended for information purposes only. For more information contact us!

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