Did you know that Portugal is the best place in the world to retire?

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Portugal was privileged to climb to the first place in the Global Retirement Index. Which means that it was considered the best place in the world to enjoy the reform, among 24 countries classified in 10 different categories: 

  • Accommodation;
  • Benefits for retirees;
  • Visas and residence permit;
  • Cost of living;
  • Integration and entertainment;
  • Health system;
  • Development;
  • Climate;
  • Governance;
  • Opportunities.


Portugal obtained the maximum classification in most of these indicators.

In fact, in addition to having millennia of history, Portugal still has good conditions for accommodation, security, a warm and inviting people, in addition to a mild and pleasant climate.

However, Portugal still has several factors that make it a very attractive country. Let's see ...



History & Culture

Despite its small size, Portugal has an enormous, and varied, cultural and historical wealth. If you travel the country from north to south, you will find:

  • various architectural styles, dating back to various eras;
  • incredible landscapes;
  • typical clothes and activities;
  • wines, among many others…


In addition to all this, you will always find an extremely inviting and welcoming people.

Portugal, due to its privileged location, west of continental Europe, is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, and differs in lifestyle between the interior and the coastal area:

  •  the interior - best for those who really want to have a nice retirement;
  • the extensive coastline - with beaches of unparalleled natural beauty and full of life and activities, such as the famous Silver Coast.



Cost of Living

The living costs are also one of the lowest in Europe.

Which means that whoever comes to retire in the country, will be able to have a comfortable lifestyle with less income than would be necessary in their home country.

This is a very attractive factor for those who want to live their retirement peacefully.



Security & Leisure

Classified as a safe and beautiful country, Portugal invites you to evening activities, such as walking pets or drinking coffee with friends.

With parks for the whole family, and a wide range of restaurants, for all tastes, Portugal is the ideal country to live.



See for yourself!

If you are still not convinced about the lifestyle in Portugal, try it!

Visit and see, for yourself, the accessibility of transport, the ease of communicating through the English language, historical spots, security, among many other aspects that make Portugal the ideal country to live in.


If you are already convinced and want to look for a home, tell us what you are looking for, or see our offer here!

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